DigiBook presentations on CD-Rom for  10, see for more information here

On these pages you will find my online shop for rooted and unrooted cuttings.  As you will see, a lot of sorts have thumbnail pictures and more will be added over time. To see a larger picture of a plant, click on the thumbnail. If you have not used the shop before, click here for more information.

If you are interested in species which are not listed, please let me know. I may have the sorts, but not in sufficient quantity to put them on the list. Or, I may be able to obtain one through another succulent-friend. This is certainly the case for Dischidias, special Hoya sorts, and for Epiphylliums. Special orders do, however, take a bit longer, as I will have to go looking for them! New species this year have the number 2008.

The price of postage & packaging depends on the country you come from. After choosing the cuttings, click checkout and you will be directed to the appropriate page for selecting one of the postal options.

Due to severe problems encountered in sending packages to and getting payment from the USA, orders from that country will no longer be accepted. If you want to discuss alternative arrangements, e.g. through a delivery company, contact me first.

All prices in the shop are in Euro's. The invoice will be sent by separate email (through Paypal) and will list the payments options available (Paypal, Western Union, bank transfer). For more information click here.
It is also possible for me to take the plants to a market which will save you the cost of P&P. Click here for a list of markets I intend to go to.

And last but not least: Don't forget to put your name and full address on your order!

Many thanks in advance for your order